Best Ham Radio Base Stations

Best Ham Radio Base Station

Have you ever wondered why skillful amateur radio users are continually looking for the best ham radio base stations? The reason for this is relatively superior performance as compared to mobile and hand-held appliances. They offer features that you’d barely see in other radios and are well-known for high-frequency operations as well as being the … Read more

Best Shortwave Radio Reviews 2021

best shortwave radio

In this era of mobile phones, who needs the best shortwave radio as a communication device? If you’re thinking along that line, you’re incorrect! How would you tell someone where you are if you’re camping in a distant location with weak cell phone signals? Imagine yourself in a condition where you’re a long way inside … Read more

Kenwood TH-D74A Review 2021

Kenwood TH-D74A

Well, finding the best radio transceiver may be an arduous task. This is mainly contributed due to the increase in the production of counterfeit products in the market. The Kenwood TH-D74A radio receiver is gaining popularity each day. This is significantly influenced due to the high-end featured incorporated on this elegant device. Well, our main … Read more

Best Mobile Ham Radio Reviews 2021

Communication is very important, and that’s why singling out the best mobile ham radio is a crucial step in ensuring you stay in contact with other hikers, outdoorsmen, and hunters. If you want to or enjoy communicating with other people, a ham radio could be a nice and fun hobby. Ham is a name that … Read more

Ham Radio Guide For Beginners

Ham Radio

Picture this scenario; you have a medical emergency, but the cellphone network is down, 911 is overloaded, and the internet is inaccessible. Pretty frustrating, right? So just what do you use to communicate when in a situation like this or one that is quite similar to this one? That’s right, a ham radio. With approximately … Read more

Best GMRS Radio Reviews

What is the best GMRS radio? GMRS radios have managed to stay on top of the communication industry even though we currently live in a smartphone-centric era, simply because of how reliable, convenient, and easy they are to use. Unfortunately, as the demand for these devices continues to rise, so does the number of GMRS … Read more

Best Handheld CB Radio Reviews 2021

Best Handheld CB radio reviews Since being invented back in 1954, handheld CB radios have remained on top of the radio communication industry, despite the coming of many other types of radios simply because of how convenient, reliable, and easy they are to use. Over the years, there have been a lot of improvements and … Read more

Best DMR Radio Reviews 2021

What is the Best DMR Radio Reviews? Up until recently, the radio communication industry has been dominated by analog ham radios. Well, thanks to the ever-advancing technology, ham radio companies are now producing Digital Mobile Radios. These radios are a perfect combination of analog radio features and modern technology, offering many advantages over analog radios, … Read more

Best Baofeng Radio Reviews 2021

best baofeng radio

What is the best Baofeng radio? What first comes to your mind when we talk about the best ham radios in the market? That’s right, Baofeng ham radios. Apart from possessing all the essential features, you would expect to find in a ham radio; these gadgets also have an array of extra features and excellent … Read more