Best Ham Radio Base Stations

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Have you ever wondered why skillful amateur radio users are continually looking for the best ham radio base stations?

The reason for this is relatively superior performance as compared to mobile and hand-held appliances. They offer features that you’d barely see in other radios and are well-known for high-frequency operations as well as being the best radios for complicated functions.

If you’re searching for the best ham radio base station, you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed the best in the shops nowadays.

In this way, you’ll ensure that you have the necessary gear to make your new base radio station easy to use, and you can relish fast and reliable news from around the globe.

Best Ham Radio Base tranceiver

Best Ham Radio Base Station – Comparison Table

BTECH Mobile 50-Watt UV-50X2 Dual Band Base Radio: VHF, UHF, Amateur (Ham).It has a frequency range of 420-450MHz (UHF) and 144-148MHz (VHF).It has an Auto-Switch Off feature to conserve the battery.The radio’s LCD has nine customizable colors.It features a dual-synchronized display mode.It comes with a DTMF hand-held microphone.Its power output is 50 watts.
President Lincoln II Plus 10 and 12 Meter Ham Radio.Has PA Capability (Public Address Capability).It has a Signal Strength Meter to show you weak and powerful signals.It has a Front Microphone Connector, and you can also plug in an external speaker.It comprises AM/FM modes.Its software is programmable.It has a power output of 50 watts.
Yaesu Original FT-991A HF/50/140/430 MHz All-Mode “Field Gear” Transceiver (50 Watts on 140/430 MHz)It comes with a 3.5-inch full-color TFT Touch Panel Operation.It comes with in-built electronic keyer. It comprises two aerial connectors (144/430 MHz and HF/50 MHz).It has a 160-6 meters high velocity automatic aerial tuner.Has enhanced features like premium quality audio broadcast, Group Monitor that uses C4FM Digital, and AMS.It has 100-watt power output.
Yaesu Original 100-Watt FT-450D HF/50 MHz Compact Amateur Base Transceiver IF DSP Technology.It has an in-built ATU.The knobs and dials of this radio base station are classically designed.It can receive 30 kHz to 54 MHz comprising all AM and Shortwave broadcasts.It also comes with an in-built automatic aerial tuner.Has fast 400 MHz IF Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology.It has a power output of 100 watts on SSB and 25 watts on CW and FM.
ICOM 7300 02 Direct Sampling Black Shortwave Radio.It has 101 frequencies (2 scan edges and 99 normal channels).To save data, it comes with an SD memory card slot.It has a 4.3-inch large TFT touchscreen with an option to magnify.Has waterfall features and spectrum scope to get weak signals.It comes with a sleek and fast multi-dial knob system.Its power output is 100 watts.
Yaesu FT-85D HF, UHF, VHF All-Mode 100-Watt Amateur Radio Transceiver with Remote Head Capability.It has broad frequency coverage.It has up to 200 memory channels.It features a large radio tuning dial and excellent ergonomics.It comes with an adjustable LCD with 32 colors and contrasts.It comes with a noise reduction button.It has a power output of up to 100 watts, and it’s the smallest UHF/VHF/HF radio base station.

Best Ham Radio Base Stations 2021 Reviews

1.Our Top Pick – BTECH Mobile 50 Watts UV-50X2 Double Band Base Radio: UHF, VHF, Amateur (Ham)

The BTECH UV-50X2 is a popular amateur base radio as its channel range reaches 520MHz. It has a multiple-color LCD that you can twitch to look exactly the way you want it.

The radio base station also comes with a dual-synchronized display mode with which you can sync two frequencies. Your screen shows both names and channels. The radio can save up to 200 memories and, besides, you can rename frequencies with numbers or alphabets.

With this radio, you can also remove or add frequencies from the scan list. You can perform diverse scan types with the BTECH UV-50X2 radio base station. It has three scan options; an Auto-Scan, Variable Frequency Scan, and Resume Scanning.

You can adjust how you sound with the microphone. The radio has an auto-switch off to conserve the battery. With a quad-watch delay time, you can stay on the secondary frequency for a delayed time after the incoming broadcast. It helps eliminate the likelihood of switching channels accidentally if you have two at the same time.

This base radio station backs analog tones like DTMF, DCS, 5TONE, CTCSS, AND 2TONE. You can send caller ID or commands based on the DTMF tones.

You can also modify the amateur radio in numerous ways using a PC. The radio base station also utilizes an upgraded power chipset that won’t burn with time as others do. With this radio, you can monitor diverse channels at the same time.


  • It comes with mounting hardware and, therefore, it’s easy to set up.
  • It’s easy to use the radio.
  • The radio base station can use one frequency when watching three other channels.
  • It’s inexpensive.


  • This amateur radio base station’s speaker has low sound quality.

3. Best Value – President Lincoln II Plus 10 and 12 Meter Ham Radio.

With President Amateur Base Radio Station, you get the best features without spending a large sum of money. It offers full functionality ability with its outstanding specs at a somewhat low cost. The radio has a compact size, and the HF band has a power output of 35 watts.

This is an appropriate and useful device that you should think of buying. The radio base station comes with a channel display, an S-meter, a multi-functional LCD, and more!

One unique feature about this radio transceiver is that it works silently. Besides, President Lincoln II Plus amateur radio’s reception is delicate, and the high-cut filter works wonderfully. The RF gain control of the radio helps get rid of the noise. It’s an excellent option for beginners who want to save some cash.

President Lincoln II is among the heaviest transceivers. It has a bold construction, and its front side has well-put buttons. The 12-meter band amateur radio comes with a rotary switch and a frequency selector. It can continuously scan 28 MHz – 29.700MHz and 24.890 MHz to 24.99 MHz in its VFO mode.

Apart from the DCS with 104 codes and the CTCSS with 38 tones, this amateur radio comes with six memories. Although it’s not similar to other amateur radio base stations, it still serves the purpose.

You can also set a time-out-timer with these amateur radios. With these, your base station can turn off when not in use to save the battery. The buttons have a backlight and, therefore, you can operate the radio even when it’s dark.


  • You can plug in an outer speaker as it has an external loudspeaker jack.
  • It has a high HF output power and can scan frequencies/memories in VFO.
  • The base radio station’s VOX allows hands-free operation.
  • It has a spate key to access the menu.


  • Navigating the menu is somewhat challenging.

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3. Premium Pick – Yaesu Original FT-991A HF/50/140/430 MHz (50 Watts on 140/430 MHz) All-Mode “Field Gear” Transceiver.

The Yaesu FT-991A Transceiver has a pact and craggy casing. On an SSB (Single Side Band), the radio can deliver 100-watt power output as well as FM (Frequency Modulation), AM (Amplitude Modulation), and CW wave.

Additionally, this ham radio transceiver has excellent C4FM feature and, therefore, it can use a consistent 4-level channel modulation in ordinary high-frequency bands of 50, 140, and 430 MHz. Thanks to the spectrum scope of dynamic real-time, it’s easy for the radio operators to see the precise location of signals on the bands when listening to the transceiver.

The diverse colors on the LCD are displayed in chronological order in this design so that the operators can view weak signals at a glimpse.

All these extra functions make the base radio station efficient. Thanks to these features, the radio is widely accepted by many amateur radio base station fanatics as it’s reliable and boosts perfect VHF, NHF, and HF radio band communication in a single radio.

Not only does the Yaesu FT-991A design comprise all unique features, but has a 3 kHz roof filter that reduces interfering signals efficiently. This amateur radio transceiver offers excellent performance and provides the listeners with premium quality audio sound.

The radio base station also has a 3.5-inch TFT. It boasts outstanding operation and the touch panel’s visibility, which features full-color.


  • It’s portable and durable, thanks to the compact size and rugged construction.
  • The radio base station can display the signal location.
  • You can view the signal strength on the multi-color waterfall display.
  • With this base radio station, you can relish reliable communication on UHF, VHF, and HF bands.


  • It’s somewhat hard to program.

4. Yaesu Original FT-450D 100 Watts HF/50 MHz Compact Amateur Base Transceiver IF DSP Technology.

The Yaesu base station is among the best products in the shops, and it’s inexpensive. You should select this if your perfect base station is one that’s rich in features. Whether you’re a radio fanatic or a novice, you’ll love it.

One unique feature that you’ll like about this design is that it can receive channels ranging from 0.030-54MHz, and gets all AM and FM transmissions. With this radio base station, you can get both local and distant frequencies.

Additionally, it has a 100-watt power output, which allows you to extend your connection spectrum. You’ll receive nearly all the signals you want with these features. The CW (Continuous Wave) functions also work in the range of 300-500 Hz.

This function can lessen power consumption while the interception is low, which is a critical point to anti-interference. Therefore, you can get clear signals with this feature. It’s also good to note that the radio base station has an easy-to-read display and user-friendly buttons.

The buttons on this base station come with a backlight that allows you to operate the appliance conveniently when it’s dark. You can also read all the information on the LCD easily. It’s a useful feature.

Besides, this unit has an in-built automatic aerial tuner and 400MHz IF DSP. You can modify the device to receive powerful signals with the help of the aerial tuner. With Digital Single Processing (DSP), you can receive signals quickly. This is a great feature for technology lovers.


  • It’s easy to customize the radio base station.
  • The radio base station’s CW filter enhances sound quality.
  • It’s easy to use, making it ideal for novices.
  • It’s affordable.


  • The knobs are hard to use as they’re too small.

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Best Ham Radio Base Station

5. ICOM 7300 02 (Black) Direct Sampling Shortwave Radio.

Choose the ICOM 7300 Shortwave Transceiver if you have a high budget to purchase the best amateur radio transceiver. Although this radio base station is costly, it’s among the high-quality amateur radio base station you can get.

The radio has a solid construction and compact size as well as a 100-watt power output. The radio’s (Amplitude Modulation) AM uses a power output of 25 watts. The Receiver Frequency and RX of this transceiver start from 0.03 to 74.80MHz and utilize a direct sampling method. It’s better than other methods.

The radio base station comes with a spectrum scope and a 4.3-inch LCD color touchscreen. It allows you to get the weak signals after modifying resolution bandwidth. These functions are useful.

The ICOM 7300 shortwave radio also features an auto-tuner inside the device. Additionally, the transceiver utilizes SSB (Single Side Band), which implies that you can use the built-in amplifier effectively.

Moreover, this device has an RTTY option. It’s a communication system with which you can connect two or more electromechanical teleprinters at diverse places through its radio waves instead of a cable. The ham transceiver uses the CW (Continuous Wave) effectively.


  • It’s user-friendly and, therefore, ideal for beginners.
  • It’s excellent at broadcasting audio signals.
  • The knobs and buttons at the front panel are spaced correctly and are user-friendly.
  • It has outstanding, highly-customizable RX and TX audio.


  • It’s somewhat expensive.

6. Yaesu FT-857D HF, VHF, UHF All-Mode Amateur Radio Transceiver 100W Remote Head Capability.

The Yaesu 100-Watt Base Radio Station allows broadcast at HF, 50, 144, and 430 MHz. It also provides coverage for 76kHz-108MHz, 118MHz-164MHz, 100kHz-56MHz, and 420MHz-470MHz. With this broad coverage, you can easily monitor weather broadcasts, flight communications, public safety, and AM/FM transmission from one device.

The radio also has CTCSS to get rid of squelch sounds. It has a wide array of buttons and controls that are very easy for a seasoned amateur base radio station user to operate. The radio has 200 memory channels despite the small size.

The most interesting thing about this amateur base radio station is that you can name the frequencies using an alpha-numeric label containing up to 8 characters. It also has a colored LCD.

With this radio, you can separate the memories into ten groups for extra convenience. Besides, on every band, you can set up a Home Channel and a Quick Memory as a bonus. The radio is designed to provide crispy audios with greatly lessened background noise similar to its counterpart, the FT-450D.

The radio uses a 24-bit D/A chip for fast signal processing. It also has a couple of bandpass filters, noise reduction filters, a mic equalizer, and an auto-notch. You can use this radio base station to communicate with other amateur base radio station users.

Thanks to the 1.7-inch main tuning dial and a couple of buttons that are placed strategically for proper access, the radio is easy to use.


  • Thanks to the multiple filters, the radio base station has an improved sound quality.
  • It has a backlit display, making it fit for use even during the night.
  • It has a wide array of channels.
  • It’s highly versatile and portable.


  • The radio has small buttons and, therefore, not fit for large hands.

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Buying Guide – Best Ham Radio Base Stations 2021

People are gradually getting used to portable electronic appliances these days. Therefore amateur radios have recently become very popular due to their improved movability as compared to other types of radios.

Due to this, there’s an increased need for an amateur radio base station as it can broadcast a longer distance, and it’s versatile. You’ll experience consistent transmission that attracts the most serious radio fanatics.

However, selecting the best ham base radio station can be challenging as there are many tricks out there. You may, therefore, require assistance when purchasing one. Now let’s take a look at some of the key points to consider when selecting.

  • Cost

Determine how much you’ll spend. At an average cost, you can get a suitable amateur radio base station. You, however, need to watch out for any amateur base radio station that’s too inexpensive.

It’s good that you get precisely what you pay for. To guarantee the quality of whatever you purchase, get ready to spend.  Rather than buying an inexpensive amateur base radio station that doesn’t even last for half a year, it’s good to buy one that costs a pretty penny but lasts longer.

  • Quality

The ham base radio station’s quality depends on its cost compared with its features. Make sure that you compare the technical specifications with the price if you’ll select a transmitter. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, select another one.

  • Squelch

If you tune to a station without transmission, the squelch gets rid of that endless buzzing sound.

  • Power Output

If you want to know how good an amateur base radio station is, look at the power output. If it has a power output of 40 watts and below, then it’s a low-power amateur base radio station. A power output of between 50 and 90 watts is “okay.”

More powerful amateur base radio stations have a power output of between 100 and 200 watts. The coverage you can get is determined by the amateur base radio station’s power output.

  • LCD

An amateur base radio station’s display affects how easy it’ll be to operate it. Some amateur base radio stations show information in colored LCD while others display in black and white LCD. Colored LCDs facilitate the use of amateur radio.

  • Programmability

If you want to get deep into the amateur base radio station or you’re experienced in it, and you know how to operate it, then you’re better off with one that can be tailor-made.

With many amateur radio stations, you can tweak and edit several things to make the r adios work the way you want it. You can customize your transceiver, create frequencies and alter bands and hosts depending on how you can program your amateur base radio station to your liking.

  • Memory Channels

If you’ve used an ordinary radio before, then you know that there are a certain number of frequencies that you can save into the radio’s memory. You have to search for a channel again if it hasn’t been saved.

It’s good if the best ham radio transceiver has a large memory. You can access channels easily by clicking on them when saved.

  • DCS/CTCSS (Encoder/Decoder)

DCS and CTCSS are two diverse squelch mechanism types. When two distinct users use a similar frequency together, the DCS and CTCSS reduce the noise from inactive users.

  1. Type of Broadcast

Analog and digital are the two standards used in diverse broadcast format types. You can get the transmission in digital or analog formats depending on your amateur base radio station.

Both digital and analog forms have diverse standards. For example, there are two popular standards (AM and FM) in analog form. Ensure that you’re familiar with the format you select.

  • Scanning Features

Searching for channels with the transmission is known as scanning. The device automatically scans on a large scale. The diverse channels are scanned for broadcast. You can do manual scanning via the dial and search available channels.

  • Range of Transmission

All amateur base radio stations have broad broadcast spectrum. Take into account if the transmission range your base radio station has is good enough.

  • Tuner/Aerial

Antennas and tuners are diverse. The aerial picks up the signal while the tuner is what you play around with to search for the signal. However, not all antennas require tuners.  Those with no tuner are less stressful than the ones that have.

  • Weather Reports

Several amateur base radio stations issue weather warnings. Other radios broadcast weather reports so that their users aren’t caught unaware by severe weather. Chances of getting caught in severe weather lessen drastically with an amateur base radio station. Several base radio stations have this function.

  • Guarantee

It’s an assurance from the firm. Goods with defects are usually sent back. If there’s no guarantee, taking it back won’t be easy. Make sure your selected device has a warranty.

If the guarantee is for a long time, that implies a higher quality assurance. Some warranties usually replace damaged parts or completely replace the device if it’s destroyed within a specific period. Ensure you’re on the lookout for long guarantees with good terms.

Final Verdict on the Best Ham Radio Transceiver

An amateur base radio station is a convenient method of getting in touch with people around the globe. These devices aren’t only used for amusement but also play a vital role in emergencies.

If you want to set up a base radio station, any of the above designs will be enough. However, don’t forget that people have diverse requirements.

It’s vital to go through the buying guide and make a list of all the features you require in a radio base station. Then, choose the model that suits your needs.

Top on our list is the BTECH UV-50X2 radio base station. It has gone a step further by providing some unique features such as a dual simultaneous display and is easy to scan, and also supports calling methods.

Also, if you don’t want to spend too much but still want numerous features so that your new device is easy to use and enjoyable, then President Lincoln Meter Amateur radio is your best bet. It’s durable and provides plenty of power output.

If you’re one whose priority is value for money above everything else, then take into account the Yaesu FT-991A radio base station. It’s amazing display and power output makes it ideal for all hobbyists.

As you can see, there are numerous amateur radio base stations in the shops. Therefore, read this review carefully and select one that’s suitable for you. Have fun shopping!

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