Best Long Range Two Way Radios

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Having long range is among the most suitable features of the best long range two-way radios, particularly if you want to stay in touch while upcountry. Without their tower grid, normal smartphones aren’t useful, and satellite phones are very costly.

That’s why you have to make a pair of long-range two-way radios a part of your survival armory. You can rarely use the maximum range of a walkie talkie. However, several designs are closer to it than others, and we are reviewing the top brands among them so that we can assist you in narrowing down your choices.

However, the range isn’t the only thing that matters; several designs are waterproof while others have features such as modes or privacy channels that let you hear whispered broadcasts.

A good set of two-way walkie talkies – with a long range of communication – are inexpensive for everyone. You could be purchasing them for your children to relish while they recreate their preferred action movies.

Or, maybe you might need them for family trips away such as camping where you can’t rely on digital reception. No matter how you plan to use them, the best long-range walkie talkies are available to suit your needs.

With our useful review, you should be sure of what to look for to get the right one. Therefore, let’s look at what’s on offer.

Best Long Range Two Way RadiosComparison Table

Midland Waterproof Two-Way Radio 50 Channels GMRS Long Range Walkie Talkie.It’s a GMRS radio that comes with 50 channels.It has a communication range of 36 miles.The radio can work with all Midland GMRS/FRS walkie talkies.It has a backlit LCD.The radio has an automatic squelch.
Midland – LXT630VP3 FRS Two-Way 36 Channels Radio.It’s an FRS radio with 36 channels.The radio has a communication range of 30 miles.It’s equipped with 10 weather band channels. It has a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System.It comes with five call alerts that you can choose from.
Motorola MH230R Talkabout Radio.Its range is 23 miles.It comes with a rechargeable battery.The radio’s communication range is 23 miles.It’s a GMRS/FRS radio with 8 GMRS and 7 FRS channels.It uses a rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries.
Cobra ACXT645 Water-Resistant and Rechargeable Long Range Walkie Talkie.It has a 35-mile communication range.The radio has an in-built LED flashlight and comes with 3 AA rechargeable batteries.It’s designed to IPX4/JIS4 standards and it’s waterproof.It’s a GMRS/FRS walkie talkie.It features 22 channels.
Uniden SX507 – 2CKHS Two-Way Radio Up To 50 Mile Long Range FRS Waterproof Walkie Talkies.It has double charging cradles.The radio has 142 direct call codes.Walkie talkie’s communication range is 50 miles.It’s an FRS radio with 22 channels.It comes with an NOAA weather scan and alert.
Nestling 3 Pack Walkie Talkies Camouflage Upgraded Version Exterior 22 Channels Two-Way Radio.It has a 35-mile range.It’s compatible with any FRS/GMRS radio.It has 22 channels.It automatically keeps the background noise low. It also has an auto-scan function.
Motorola Weatherproof 22-Channel 35 Mile Range Two-Way Radio.The radio has NOAA weather channels and alerts.It’s an FRS/GMRS radio and has 22 channels.It has a 35-mile range.The radio has a weatherproof IP54 construction.It has a Micro USB charging port.
Midland 40 Watt GMRS Two-Way Radio MicroMobile Long Range Walkie Talkie.It’s a GMRS radio as it has 8 repeater channels.It has a 65-mile long communication range.The radio has a 12V power cord.It has a high contrast backlit LCD.The radio is also compatible with all GMRS/FRS Midland walkie talkies.

Best Long Range Two Way Radios Reviews

1. Midland Waterproof 50 Channels Two-Way Radio GMRS Long Range Walkie TalkieTop Pick

The Midlands Two-Way Long Range walkie talkie features 50 General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS) channels together with channel scan to inspect for any activity going on. Thanks to the JIS4 waterproof protection, splashing water doesn’t have any injurious effect on the walkie talkie.

In an open area that has little or no impedance, the radio has a long range communication of 36 miles. It also has an eVOC (Easy Voice and Sound Activation Transmission) that has 9 levels of sensitivity for hands-free operation.

The radio comes with 3,124 choices for channels to obstruct other conversations thanks to the privacy codes.  It also has the NOAA weather scan that scans through 10 available (WX) weather band channels automatically and fastens onto the most powerful weather channel to notify you of extreme weather conditions. The NOAA weather warning sounds an alarm notifying you if there’s a risk of extreme weather in your locality.

The radio is designed to offer the much-needed push-button communication as it has 22 channels, quiet operation, 28 pre-programmed privacy channels, and numerous power settings to save battery life.


  • Thanks to the 9 VOX levels, you can operate the radio hands-free.
  • The radio is sturdy and hard-wearing, making it durable.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • It has SOS Siren that sends out danger signals in case you’re ensnared.


  • The radio’s battery doesn’t last long.

2. Midland – LXT630VP3 FRS Two-Way 36 Channels RadioBest Budget Pick

The Midland LXT630VP3 comes in a 3-pack of walkie talkies with a long range and a selection of black, yellow, and solid black. If you want great value for your money, this is the best long range two-way radio to buy.

These two-way radios have a long range of 30 miles and have 121 privacy codes. In this way, you can select from up to 2662 channels. Like many Midland radios, this one also has an NOAA weather scan warning that ensures you’re safe in extreme climates. It’ll sound an alarm indicating severe weather close to you.

These two-way radios are very easy to use. Every long range walkie talkie comprises three levels of VOC offering you a hands-free operation. They also have big buttons and, therefore, you can use them with gloves.

This two –way walkie talkie comes with five diverse call alerts, a battery life extender, and a roger bleep to make it simpler. If you want the best long range radio for long walks or skiing, that’s also worth your money, then the Midland – LXT630P3 walkie talkie is your best bet.


  • You can easily notice it due to the radio’s yellow color.
  • It can withstand severe temperatures.
  • It’s resistant to precipitation and water splash.
  • It’s easy to use the voice activation (VOC) function.


  • Scanning channels takes time.

3. Motorola MH230R Talkabout RadioOur Premium Pick

Best Long Range Two Way Radios

The Motorola MH230R walkie talkie has a 23 miles range, making it an ideal device to keep in touch with friends and family during camping or on a long walk. It’s among the most coveted two-way radio by outdoor fanatics.

Because of its lightweight, the radio is easy to use and has numerous features compared to other best long range two-way radios. The radio also has crucial features. To begin with, this two-way radio is equipped with a total of 7 NOAA channels. They’re useful when it comes to giving up-to-date weather warnings and broadcasts.

This helps you get ready in advance for any incoming adverse weather.  The long range walkie talkie also comes equipped with a total of 121 privacy codes and 22 channels. Privacy codes help minimize the number of disruptions and make dialogues over these radios smooth.

The radio is compatible with other Motorola versions. You can also talk hands-free, thanks to the iVOX function. It enables you to carry on with other activities that may make your hands engaged and still stay in touch.


  • It comes with easy to comprehend controls.
  • The radio has an excellent range even in harsh weather conditions.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • The radio’s volume is relatively loud and has amazing sound clarity.


  • You have to adjust the radio from time to time as it sits tilted on the charging base.

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4. Cobra ACXT645 Water-Resistant and Rechargeable Long Range Walkie Talkie

Cobra ACXT645

The Cobra brand is renowned as a manufacturer of adventure walkie talkies. This long distance radio is available in black and orange and is attractive to those who want good visibility. The Cobra ACXT645 features an in-built flashlight, VOX hands-free technology, 10 NOAA weather channels, and a range of up to 35 miles.

The radio is designed to be used in any weather condition. It also has a rubberized grip that’s helpful when you’re on the go. The Cobra AXCT645 radio’s VOX technology enables you to operate your radio hands-free even if it’s kept in a bag or pocket. It has a resonating alarm that notifies you of incoming messages.

Another crucial feature that makes this walkie talkie special is that it can provide above 2000 channels when you put together 22 channels with its 121 privacy codes. Therefore, this radio isn’t only made for hospitality or business. It can also fit a building site. However, the radio’s innate home is out on a craggy adventure surrounded by open space.


  • In localities where tones may be unwanted, the radio allows quiet tones.
  • The radio’s NOAA channels allow you to have an updated weather report.
  • It’s long-lasting, thanks to the weather-resistant construction.
  • It’s easy to use the radio.


  • The microphone volume isn’t sufficiently loud.

5. Uniden SX507-2CKHS Two-Way Radio Up To 50 Mile Range FRS Waterproof Walkie Talkie

Uniden SX507-2CKHS

The Japanese brand (Uniden) is known because of its easy-to-use, two-way, long range radio. The global brand was established in 1966 and provides a wide array of electronic communication appliances to select from, comprising long range two-way walkie talkies.

If you want an appealing range for your walkie talkie, the Uniden SX507 is the ideal option. It’s among the best long range two-way radio in the market. It allows long-distance communication as it has a range of 50 miles.

Since the Uniden Two-Way walkie talkie has a long-range, is waterproof, has NOAA weather scan and warning, and an appealing battery life of 14 hours, it’s ideal for long walks, biking, and camping on hard terrains.

This design comes in 6 diverse range choices, from 16 to 50 miles, and is considered the most powerful two-way radio in the shops.

Besides call alerts, the two-way walkie talkie also has resonation alerts. With this radio, you can also select from 10 caller tones. You can conveniently charge batteries using the USB charging jack.


  • It comes with an emergency strobe light for extra safety.
  • It enables communication with people using diverse radios of distinct designs and brands.
  • The NOAA weather warning informs you of poor weather conditions.
  • The radio is easy to carry as it has belt clips.


  • It’s not loud enough.

6. Nestling 3 Pack Walkie Talkies Camouflage Upgraded Version Exterior 22 Channels Two-Way Radio

This upgraded version of Nestling walkie talkies offers clearer speech and stable signals. The radio’s underground noise is automatically muted if you’re using the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS). You can also use the radio’s 99 low-frequency tones.

The walkie talkie comes with a VOX feature, with which you can send your voice without pressing a button. It also supports 8 major channels with sub-channels, making sure there’s 3-miles wireless communication (an outside open ground). This walkie talkie can use diverse channels.

This improved child-friendly model with left-side push to talk operation is movable and easy to use. It also has a cool camouflage interior, a compact body, and puts together a lamp and scan. Also, it has a call with a button lock, menu with a power feature. It’s also ergonomically designed.

This best long range two-way radio is ideal for kids. It also has an in-built flashlight, a luminous LCD, a call feature, a crisp and smooth quality of sound, a monitoring feature, and selection of the ringtone.

The two-way radio also comes with simple instructions and has a clear button. Generally, the walkie talkie is ideal for kids between 3 to 6 years of age.


  • The small, lightweight design of the radio makes it easy for kids to put on.
  • The backlit display gives you a clear view.
  • You can adjust the volume to a suitable level.
  • The radio has excellent signal reception quality.


  • The radio’s battery doesn’t last long.

7. Motorola Weatherproof 22 Channels 35 Mile Long Range Two-Way Radio

Motorola Weatherproof 22 Channels

Just like the name implies, the Motorola 35-mile long range transceivers have a range of up to 35 miles and are waterproof. This means that they can endure rain or snow. These radios also come with large controls that make them fun to operate.

It’s also easy to operate the radio with gloves on. The radio is ideal for use outside (hiking, camping), and indoors too. It also comes with 22 channels, and each has 121 privacy codes. The best thing about all these codes and channels is that they give you weather warnings.

You’ll also get updates in real-time and, therefore, you’ll be ready even if the worst comes. The Motorola Weatherproof two-way walkie talkie is considered to be one of the best long range radios as it’s compatible with other radio brands.

Provided the other radio is an FRS/GMRS radio, there’s nothing to worry about. The only thing you have to do is ensure that you’re on the same channel with the other walkie talkie and you’ll be good to go. Something else worth stating is that the radio has a rechargeable battery with sufficient power that can last you up to 10 hours.


  • The radio is weatherproof and comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • It gives you real-time weather warnings.
  • It offers you a widened signal range.
  • It’s available in two color options (black, orange).


  • The radio’s aerial is somewhat short.

8. Midland 40 Watt GMRS Two-Way Radio MicroMobile Long Range Walkie Talkie

Midland 40 Watt GMRS Two-Way Radio

Make the most of your communication range with a GMRS power of 40 watts in your car or create your GMRS base station with these best 2-way radios. This is Midland’s most powerful GMRS walkie talkie. It can easily be installed in numerous vehicles. For excellent functionality, make sure you use a Midland aerial, bracket, and cord.

The 40-watt Midland two-way walkie talkie has 15 High/Low power GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels for enhanced communication range. It has a 65-mile long-range communication in areas having little or no impedance.

The walkie talkie has 142 privacy codes that give you numerous channel options so that you don’t hear unwanted broadcasts. It also comes with a keypad lock that helps stop accidental activation of function buttons.

The radio features keystroke that has acoustic tones for response or confirmation every time a key is pressed. You can use the silent mode to switch off all tones. When you purchase the radio, it comes with a removable flip-frame bracket, microphone, attachment hardware, a quick start guide, a 12V power cord, and a user’s manual.


  • It has an LCD that’s easy to read.
  • The removable mounting bracket that comes with the radio makes it easy to attach it.
  • It has longer battery life.
  • The walkie talkie has the longest range as compared to other radios in this list.


  • It can only define one code per channel.

Best Long Range Two Way Radios Buying Guide

Despite the numerous improvements in digital mobile phone technology, long-range two-way radios are still an appropriate and imminent means of communication. A few years ago, these radios are given the moniker of “walkie talkies”. The simple reason is that walking long distances while talking was easy.

On this radio, a person transmits their voice while the other listens and plans their response. Although the range is usually stated as several miles away, it’s only at much shorter distances that connectivity is possible. This is because the range is usually affected by many hindrances or rough terrain.

When deciding what the best long range two-way radio is, the first thing you need to do is plan how to use them. Here are the factors to consider when purchasing a long range two-way radio.

  1. Expert Settings

Are you looking for a secure way to communicate with on-site employees? Think about the number of people who may be using your system. Do they work further away from each other, indoors or outdoors?

Search for a long-lasting system with the correct functionality. There’s a possibility that if the equipment is easy to use, your teams will use it. You don’t want to give them additional stress.


Are you organizing a trip outside – camping, long walks, or canoeing in the lakes? Do some study on the stronger system. Also, consider whether you require features that support the correct weather conditions.

Would you like your radios to travel easily, or be sufficiently long-lasting to endure a few knocks? When making your choice, keep these things in mind.


Are you searching for a family set of walkie talkies that aren’t complicated? They’re an excellent idea for large families, older, or juvenile kids that you need to keep in touch with. Search for something that’s simple to use and is also lightweight. There are many options to take into account.

Next, consider the key features that suit your setting.

  • Channels

Many long-range two-way radios have numerous channels. To communicate, your two-way radios must be on similar channels.

In general, there are two channel types to take into account.

  • FSR (Family Service Radio): This is an ultra-high frequency personal radio service with around 462 to 367 MHz. Usually, these are free to the public. You can anticipate around 8 to 16 channels but they’re not entirely private. In such a case, privacy codes are useful. Therefore, check if this is a feature in your model.
  • GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service): These channels are intended for bi-directional communication over short distances and need an approved license. Ensure you check with the manufacturer if a license is included.
  • Range

Generally, the FSR radios’ range is shorter than GMRS. You should procure an FCC license if you want a range that’s longer than 6 miles.

Also, consider an open terrain with an improved connection because the range can be affected by impedances.

  • Aerial

In two-way radios, signals travel in a straight line. Usually, this implies that the antenna length determines the reception quality.

  • Battery Power

You should also take into account whether it’s easy to charge the battery and how long the power lasts. For longer usage, consider a rechargeable battery or USB port facilities. Typically, the best long range walkie talkies come with a lithium-ion battery.

  • Shape, Size, and Weight

If you want a more expedient product, opt for a lightweight device as opposed to a bulky device. Choose a radio with an ergonomic shape if you’re a skier or hiker so that you can operate it with gloves.

  • Extra Features to Take into Account
  • VOX (Voice Activated Transmission): It’s worth taking into account this hands-free option. It’s sufficiently sensitive to collect activation only from your voice and, therefore, you don’t have to press any buttons.
  • Water Resistance: You want your two-way radio to be safeguarded while outdoors even if you’re not taking it on a canoe ride.
  • Weather Properties: You can use somelong range transceivers for emergency signals. NOAA weather channels are helpful when it comes to checking for the most recent alerts.
  • Flashlight: Two-way radios with a flashlight can be useful in situations where there isn’t sufficient light.


  1. What power source does the long-range two-way radio use?

You’ll want your walkie talkies to last long, particularly if you’re far from home. Would you like to have a rechargeable battery that you can charge throughout the night? Or you want to take batteries with you so that you can top up if necessary? In many instances, it’s good to have two options.

You should also inspect how long the power will last you. If it’ll only last for a couple of hours, would you like to take them on one-week long hiking with four or five other people?

  1. Does a long range two-way radio has sufficient channels?

To avoid interference, it’s good to have several channels to play around with. You can restrict what you can do if you just have a few channels. Note that, private channels are included.

These are only required in an expert setting, or where you don’t need interference from other channels. Most walkie talkies comprise the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) channels. Sometimes, you can even have more than ten.

However, keep in mind that additional options are required although you may not need many of them.

  1. What is the size and weight of long range two-way radios?

Do you want to take a couple walkie talkies for long hiking? If you’ll do so, you possibly would like them to fit tidily in your pack and not weigh you down. There are numerous options for walkie talkie sets to have straps or belt clips for easy access.

Long range radio with improved durability may be hefty and, therefore, make sure to strike a balance between size, weight, and durability. Just remember how you plan on using them.

  1. Are long range two-way radios resilient to weather conditions?

Together with cragginess and durability, you want your walkie talkie to last long if you’ll be taking it outside. Ensure that your long range radio is waterproof.

Besides, most hikers require weather forecast alerts through weather channels. This is an excellent way to check whether the conditions are right for hiking through your planned course.

  • Can you activate the long range radio by voice?

VOX is a hands-free function with which you can talk over the radio. Rather than using buttons, you can use your voice to order the walkie talkie to do what you want it to do.

This is an excellent feature to take into account in emergencies. It can also be helpful when talking to people who may not be in a position to run machines.  

Final Verdict

A long range two-way radio is a feasible choice for a mobile phone in a variety of scenarios. You can use the device to communicate in areas where there’s insufficient or no cellular network.

Besides, you have an unrestricted opportunity to communicate with a large group of people. From those who go for long walks to construction workers to campers, using a walkie talkie is an efficient method of communicating.

However, the market is filled with a wide variety of walkie talkies. Therefore, selecting the best device becomes exhausting. Luckily, we’ve done the hardest part for you. In this guide, there are unlimited choices.

Depending on the criteria used in listing the best long range two-way radios, the Midland Two-Way GMRS Long Range Walkie Talkie is the best bet. This is because it’s waterproof and, therefore, you can use it in adverse weather conditions.

Also, the weather band channels lock onto the most powerful weather channel to warn you of extreme weather conditions.

The Midland – LXT630VP3 radio is another excellent walkie talkie as it’s the most affordable option on this list.

The other winner in this list is the Motorola Talkabout radio. It strikes a balance between affordability and quality. It also has numerous features as compared to other brands.

With this review to guide you, selecting the best long range two-way walkie talkies should be easy. Have fun shopping!

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