Yaesu FT-60R Review 2022

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Yaesu FT-60R Dual Band Radio Transceiver

 Are you in need of a two-way handheld radio that is perfect for ham radio operations? Then it would be best if you thought of non-other than the Yaesu FT-60R Handheld Amateur Radio Transceiver.

Yaesu is well known for coming up with some of the best two-way handheld radios in the market, with the Yaesu ham Radio being one of its best inventions from the wide variety of transceivers. Despite the Yaesu FT-60R not being a premium device, it has enough features that make it difficult for other people to notice the difference from the other ham radios in the market, especially if you are using it the first time.

Features – Yaesu FT-60R Review

Inside the Box


The radio comes with a PTT button on the right side with two more buttons below it. The monitor button is the stop button, and it is used in disabling the device’s squelch function. You will have to press this whenever you want to listen to the weak signals.  There is a lamp button below the monitor button that illuminates the backlight for around 5 seconds. When you press the button a second time, the backlight will automatically turn off.

On the left side of the radio are mic/speaker connectors. They are covered using a rubber flap to prevent the water and dust from getting inside with ease. It comes with a well-spaced and nice-looking keypad, which makes it unlikely to have the two buttons pressed simultaneously. Its speaker is located at the front panel between the keypad, situated at the bottom part of the panel, and the display, which is located at the top part of the panel.

There is also an antenna on the top left part of the gadget, a squelch knob/ frequency adjuster on the right side with the volume/power knob in between them.

Yaesu FT 60R Review


It uses a dock or cradle charger that comes with a port at the back where you can plug in the adaptor that is plugged into the electricity mains.


Although it does have a sturdy look, its top part is quite flexible with the base that attaches it to the radio comes with an SMA connector, which you will have to screw to the radio’s reverse connector.


Yaesu FT-60R uses a 7.2V 1400 mAh Ni-MH battery. The battery is quite heavy, and it also doubles up as the radio’s back cover.

User Manual

The user manual that comes with this Yaesu FT-60R box is well detailed and illustrated. You will never experience any problem when you read through it.

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Setting up the Yaesu FT-60R

It is very easy to assemble the Yaesu FT-60R.  Start by inserting the battery and screwing on the antenna for it to be ready for use. Raise the belt clip and slide in the battery. You will have to raise the battery latch at the bottom to give way to the battery base. After the battery has been nestled safely in the compartment, release the battery latch to help secure the radio’s battery.

Power it on using the volume/power knob situated at the top of the radio. The three beeping sounds will indicate that the device is on. Voltage battery power will be indicated on display and will remain on the screen for a few seconds before the frequency is displayed.

How to Operate the Yaesu FT-60R

After you have charged and installed the battery, you will now have to turn the power knob located at the top to get going. With the products’ easy portability being one of its best-selling points, you will realize that this product’s features align perfectly with whatever you want from a portable 2-way handheld radio.

Here are functions that will make it a sensible choice for the basic amateur radio operations:


The quality of the audio is very decent. Some people will consider it perfect. However, the audio quality depends on the RF activity of the area and the setting of the squelch.

It does a great job when it comes to filtering unwanted noise. After using it for some time, it will be very easy to adjust the squelch to improve its audio.

Transmission/ Reception/ Coverage

The Tx/Tr coverage is a very decent one. In normal situations, transmission coverage is always between 122 – 148 MHz and 430 – 520 MHz.  Receiving signals at 108 – 520 MHz and 700 – 900 MHz will be very easy, and this will prove the device will be capable of holding signal transmission and reception terms.

Since it is a dual-band UHF/VHF transceiver, it offers coverage for both the VHF AM and the VHF TV bands. In case you do live close to an airfield, the Yaesu FT-60R transceiver will get you hooked up in the airfield RF activities.

Scanning and Programming Options

Yaesu FT-60R is a dual-band UHF/VHF radio that comprises 1000 memory programming channel options.

You have the option of choosing to program your favorite frequencies in any of the ten memory banks.  Nine frequencies can be saved in the DTMF auto dialer that makes it possible to scan many channels and store the ones you love best inside the DTMF memory bank.


The Yaesu FT-60R is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a high-quality Trans radio but does not have lots of money to spend. It is a dream come true to most buyers who are struggling financially as the radio is of a relatively affordable price despite its high quality. For sure, some features will still be lacking when compared to the expensive models. At the time of writing this Yaesu ft-60r review, it was going for $187.98 on Amazon.


  • 1400 mAh battery
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • 1000 memory channels
  • Timeout timer
  • Dual-band UHF/VHF
  • Auto-repeater shift
  • Receives emergency channels
  • Easy squelch control
  • Locking mode that helps prevent accidental frequency change
  • CTCSS/DCS Privacy codes
  • Tri-power output
  • Auto-range Transponder System
  • Alphanumeric keypad with backlight


  • It is quite affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Its battery has a long life
  • Auto power off
  • Have an easy to read display


  • Not waterproof
  • You will be forced to get a better antenna

Verdict of Yaesu FT-60R Review

In case you need a perfect handheld hams radio, then Yaesu FT-60R is the perfect option for you. It comes with many features that suit both starters and experienced users, regardless of what they intend to use them. It is very durable as it is made using a cast aluminum case to help make it last for a longer time, even in severe conditions.

The Yaesu FT-60R great features make it difficult for one to believe how affordable it is for people who need not break their bank. Certainly, getting all these optional and necessary functions is something you will always get at high prices.  This Yaesu model will offer you a great experience when it comes to ham radios.

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